Being born the year I did comes with some disadvantages. For instance The Kardashians are going on their 10th season next year, which means that my generation has elected Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian as our TV stars. Lets take it back to 1986 where it was Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Nora Dunn, and Jan Hooks who ruled TV. You know how I know they ruled, because of how much the world mourns when one has passed.

I was in some confusion when I saw “Jan Hooks” trending on twitter Thursday afternoon. My youth and ignorance had me questioning who’s Jan Hooks and why is she so “hot” right now? After some research I wanted to crawl up in a ball and hide because the shame I felt for not even recognizing her name. Jan Hooks passed Oct. 9 2014, which was the reason behind her trending. Her death affected so many people that on that very day she was top priority to one of the most popular social media sites. So here I am to give myself and others a much needed Jan Hooks schooling. First off  just know that she was an Saturday Night Live alumni. I take that  back  she was a “1986” Saturday Night Live alumni. The “golden era” for SNL, a cast that was and still is one of the most crucial to the show.

Hooks got an early start performing in comedy sketch shows such as The Bill Tush Show and The Joe Piscopo Special. At 23 years old she was already making an impression on viewers which is no surprise to the fact that she was also a Groundlings alumni. Hooks who was not only great at timing but was also gifted in portraying characters. Her ability to take on a variety of roles , which is what they specialize at The Groundlings, made her a desired comedian. With those skills I was shocked to hear that Hooks was turned away from the 1985 SNL cast; rumor was Joan Cusack took her spot. That, however, might have been one of the best things that could have happened to Hooks. One of SNL’s worst years made a full recovery the following year in 1986 when Lorn Michaels, the producer, brought in a star cast that included Jan Hooks.

She worked so well in a cast that was full of talented comedians. Part of improv is being a team player, for someone to shine in improv they need another to set them up for the laughs. From what I read Hooks was perfect at just that, people loved working with her because she was so good at her job. One of my favorite things to hear was that Hooks fought off nerves every show, teaching me that you can never be too comfortable at what you do, no matter how great your are. It’s worth the nerves to always keep pushing yourself.


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