Thanksgiving is next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m in love with the fact that there is a Holiday designed for Americans to just eat. That probably isn’t technically correct, but I see a free pass to be a glutton one day of the year and I am going to use it. This year, our family decided to just have separate Thanksgivings. I can’t really blame them since nobody enjoys a drive home with a food baby ready to bust buttons. However, this new every-household-for-themselves tradition has got me pretty nervous. This household, my household, has somewhat of an unfair advantage. My home contains one mom with two adult children who cannot cook.

The hardest working woman I will ever know, my mom

The hardest working woman I will ever know, my mom

Of course my mom is totally calm about the whole thing, and her confidence always reassures me. Somehow she knows that Thanksgiving dinner is going to be ready at 5 p.m. sharp, with sides beautifully prepared, and a turkey cooked to perfection. It will all be done thanks to that freaky mom force that makes Superman look inadequate. You know, the same force that could get you fed, groomed, and ready for school in 20 min. The same amount of time it now takes me to just get out of bed.

It’s probably a better fit for Mothers Day but I should be thankful for my mom everyday of the year, especially Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for many things, but one think I take for granted is just how awesome my mom is. This is why I would like to give thanks to the moms out there that get work done.

These moms of comedy go above and beyond being a woman. I applaud these ladies who’ve managed to reserve enough energy to make us laugh. Comedy is something you have to fully commit yourself into for it to work, and they did just that.

Tinay Fey being well Tina Fey

Besides being such a pioneer for women in comedy, Tina Fey’s greatest achievement has been being a mom to two little girls. One who seems to provide as much entertainment as Tina.


The talented Amy Poehler

It’s hard to imagine Amy Poehler as a mom to two little boys. Wait, who am I kidding she’s Leslie Knope, the woman who can do it all. However, mom’s are not supposed to be this funny.


Kay Cannon

Kay Cannon became a first time mom last October. That did not stop her writing for a few New Girl episodes and a screenplay for Pitch Perfect 2, as well as starring in The Little Tin Man.

Maya Rudolph with "Up All Night" cast at Paley Center

Maya Rudolph with “Up All Night” cast at Paley Center

Maya Rudolph is a mom of four, which has made her an expert at managing time as mommy and actress/comedian.


Leslie Mann at Canadian Film Centre

Leslie Mann had her struggles after giving birth to her first child Maude. However, like most comics, you learn to laugh through the pain.

Film Independent Spirit Awards Arrivals

Maggie Carey

Wife of a SNL cast member and mom of now three daughters , Maggie Carey doesn’t let husband Bill Hader get ALL the laughs. She was writer and director of the To Do List, which starred actors such as Aubrey Plaza, Andy Samberg, and Rachel Bilson. The movie that was all set and done within a year after giving birth to her second child.



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